Lifelong Learning

Critical Thinking

15 Logical Fallacies to Watch for in Debates

One of the Best Assignments I Got in College (research studies and the way they’re reported on in the news)

Valuable Intellectual Traits from The Foundation for Critical Thinking

What Affects the Quality of Your Thinking? (It’s Not Just Intelligence)

Educational Sites

  • 41 Open Ed Resources Kids Love (also some good ones for adults)
  • Atlas Obscura (geography, history, and culture)
  • Bozeman Science (YouTube channel devoted to chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science, and scientific principles)
  • Brain Pickings (highlights ideas, fascinating figures, and literary passages)
  • Code Academy (some coding lessons available for free, while the bulk of the content requires a subscription)
  • Curiosity Machine (challenges in engineering, robotics, and other areas)
  • edX (numerous online courses from a range of institutions)
  • Free Code Camp and their YouTube channel (lots of coding practice and lessons)
  • Khan Academy (extensive lessons and practice in math and other subjects, plus test prep for the SAT and other exams)
  • (also links to tutorials for other coding languages)
  • Math Is Fun (includes some physics too)
  • Open Stax (free textbooks and other resources for a range of subjects)
  • Practical Engineering (YouTube channel on different kinds of engineering and real-world applications)
  • Project Gutenberg (free ebooks, including many fiction classics)
  • School Yourself (interactive math lessons)
  • Socratica (YouTube videos on math, science, coding, English grammar and other humanities topics, and study skills)

General Learning Skills

Seven Ways to Increase Students’ Attention (article geared to kids, but these tips can also help adults – for example, you can break a task down into smaller chunks and take short breaks in between, and if a task is frustrating you, step back and figure out how to make it less frustrating)

Socratica Study Skills Playlist (discusses note-taking, test-taking, and other skills)