Striving & Healing



Out of the Fog’s C-PTSD pages here and here, and their glossary.

Beauty After Bruises, a C-PTSD and Dissociative Trauma Disorder resource.

Emotional abuse:

If you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship

Healthy anger as part of healing


The find treatment page from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), which includes helplines and directories of treatment services.

SMART Recovery: An alternative to 12-step programs that can be applied to a variety of addictions (some strategies are described here).

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding the Difference Between Feeling and Acting

When You Tell Yourself “I Shouldn’t Be Feeling This Way” (on how it can help to stop dwelling on whether you “should” be experiencing a certain emotion, and instead focus on what you’re doing in response to the emotion)


Emotional smothering and emotional abandonment (the two can produce similar effects in the child, whose emotional/psychological needs are disregarded)

Seven Ways to Build Self-Worth and Confidence in Kids

Three Parenting Styles to Avoid

Qualities & Values

Rediscovering What I Value

Social Skills

Some Thoughts About Feeling Superfluous

Your Socially Awkward Edgar Suit

Staying Organized

Your Bullet Journal Doesn’t Have to be Instagrammable