Attention smart people

Don’t be complacent:

And here’s the upsetting punch line: intelligence seems to make things worse. The scientists gave the students four measures of “cognitive sophistication.” As they report in the paper, all four of the measures showed positive correlations, “indicating that more cognitively sophisticated participants showed larger bias blind spots.”

3 thoughts on “Attention smart people

    1. There’s a lot more to investigate and explore in the area of cognitive biases and mental shortcuts… though I like how some of the research turns on its head the idea that more intelligent people must be more rational.

      I also need to think more about how intelligence itself was measured in these experiments (one measure used was standardized test scores). Anyway, the correlation between intelligence and cognitive biases wasn’t 100% – so what kinds of qualities make some people less susceptible to cognitive biases? Is there also a side of intelligence that’s not being measured here?

      1. Will we EVER be able to fully measure what goes on in the brain? I shared this article on my facebook, and my “very intelligent” brother had a few very strong biases of his own…which proves to me everything.

        As many people don’t like to discuss this sort of thing, I am thankful for your post. Found it refreshing. Thanks. Tried to follow cognitive bias through my affair too…there’s a mind bender…

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